Event Category

  • (Store Area : Equalling or less than 5000 sqft)
    Noth, South, East, West

  • (Store Area: Equalling or more than 5000 sqft)
    Noth, South, East, West

  • A store’s ambience is everything - from the interiors to lighting and retail experience, it is what makes or breaks the success of a store. Does your store have the right mood to attract discerning customers?

  • Being most tech-savvy means how well you have integrated technology in your store, from ERP, CRM, Social Media to e-commerce.

  • The judging criteria for the Coolest Place to Work in include the kind of policies you have for your employees, in terms of their upliftment, incentives, morale boosting, and creating a conducive and motivating work atmosphere by taking them on bizcations, treks and providing a work space ambience, work-life balance etc.

  • In today’s fast changing pace of world, a brand’s success and image highly depends on how involved it is in giving back to the society. Customers resonate with brands that are actively involved in the betterment of the environment and the society at large. From tree plantation to educating underprivileged children to embracing sustainable practices in your store - being socially responsible has to be part of your brand ideology.

  • Did your most recent ad campaign create a stir amidst your customers and grabbed eyeballs because of how cool it was? Then this is the category for you!

  • Everyone starts a jewellery business with great vision but only a handful of them thrive. This award is to recognise the uphill journey of jewellery retailers who literally began with nothing but with their steadfast vision and ability to think ahead of times, have managed to grow their business manifold. Today, they not only run a successful business, but have managed to evolve, keeping their founder's vision and mission and practices alive.

  • This criteria is to recognise the growth and the efforts of Indian brands that have managed to expand overseas and make a name for themselves internationally.