1.What is the participating fee for the Contest?

A. Rs. 20,000/- Plus GST


2.We have multiple stores in different regions of India, which location shall we enter?

A.Since these are store awards, you can participate for multiple stores in different cities or regions. However a separate form and entry fee will be applicable.


3.Who will judge these awards?

A.There will be a panel of eminent jury members and the editor of Indian Jeweller Magazine, who will be examining the form and details submitted by you. The Jury will be highly experienced from the trade and different fields such as interiors, architecture, marketing experts etc.


4.When will the results be announced?

A.Finalists will be announced in September 2021, and the winners will be announced on 25th September at the Gala Award Night.


5.What is meant by small format, large format and boutique format? How do the award modules differ?

A.Small Format : The store with built in area over 2500 sq ft and less than 5000 sq ft; Large Format : The store with built in area more than 5000 sq ft; Boutique Format : The store built in area less than 2500 sq ft.

Since these are regional awards, so in every region we will be having four winners. Large Format Winner, Large Format First Runner up, Small Format Winner, Small Format First Runner Up, Boutique Format Winner & Boutique Format Runner up. In total, 24 awards will be distributed along with the 6 Special Category Awards. 


6. How do we apply for special categories? 

A.You don’t have to apply for Special Categories separately. You are required to apply for any of the (Large / Small / Boutique) formats and provide the complete information for the suggested questions. Whoever gets the maximum points for the specific questions related to the special categories, will be awarded for them accordingly. 


7. What does being the most tech savvy mean? 

A.Being most tech savvy means how well you have integrated technology in your Retail Stores, from ERP, CRM, Social Media to e-commerce.


8. What are the different criteria for the Coolest Place to Work?

A. The Judging criteria for the Coolest Place to Work include the kind of policies you have for your employees, in terms of their upliftment, incentives, morale boosting, and creating the sense of belongingness to your brand by taking them on bizcations, treks, providing a work space ambience, work-life balance etc. All of these collectively make your brand the Coolest Place to Work. 


9. What does the ‘Woke’ brand mean? 

A. Woke refers to awareness of issues that concern social justice and racial justice. Here we will be referring to how aware you are of social issues and have raised a voice about it to stand with the justice in terms of your campaigns.


10. What is the medium of coolest ad campaigns? 

A. The Best Ad Campaign can be in any medium such as (Print, social media, radio etc.)


11. What is Samaritan of the Year? 

A. The Samaritan of the Year will be awarded to the brand which has come out to help the society at large during the pandemic.


For any more queries, you can email at info@indianjeweller.in or call at 0141-4112393 / +91-9772500095.


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